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Address: Dannemansvägen 4, 814 91 Furuvik Date: Tuesday 1 may 2018 - Friday 31 Aug 2018 Show map

Address: Dannemansvägen 4, 814 91 Furuvik

Furuviksparken is the perfect destination for your trip, beautifully situated on the coast of the Baltic Sea, 10 km south of the town Gävle, just 1,5 hours drive from Stockholm. As Furuviksparken is a conceptual park, there is a wide range of experiences to offer everyone, old and young.

Would you like to learn more about our closest relative, the chimpanzee; walk in the rainforest among thirty boas with pygmy marmosets jumping around above your head and walk among the lemur families, where one just might land on your shoulder? Perhaps you would like to let loose the butterflies in your belly and visit our amusement park, where seventeen rides are waiting to take you on an exciting journey! Or would you like to visit the largest snake of the North, Sweden’s tiniest horse and go on a kangaroo safari…? Why not just enjoy the greenery, flowers and the sea?

Furuviksparken is the perfect destination for your trip, beautifully situated on the coast of the Baltic Sea, 10 km south of the town Gävle, just 1,5 hours drive from Stockholm. You will find your way here by car, bus or train. The train stops just 50 m from the entrance. As Furuviksparken is a conceptual park, there is a wide range of experiences to offer everyone, old and young.

A little over sixty different species live at our zoo. Our work with chimpanzees is widely known and acknowledged. We want you to be able to come close, feel, experience and learn about our fantastic animals. At Furuvik that is possible. Our mission is to spread the knowledge, understanding and respect for animals. We participate in a number of international research projects and several projects to save species under threat of extermination. This is of great importance to us.

In our amusement park we have a wide range of rides for all ages. Everyone can have a good time here! The park is known for its magnificent display of flowers and greenery. Every spring 16,000 plants are planted in the soil to be at their fullest bloom when you come to visit. Our location, right on the waterfront, is gorgeous – take time to relax from the carousels for a moment andenjoy the view of the from the cliffs at Furuskär. The peaceful sound of the waves, the horizon where sea meets sky, is a solace to the soul.

We are proud to have one of the largest wooden circus arenas in Europe, the only permanent circus in Sweden with a live stage. Here the troop Furuviksbarnen have been performing every summer for seventy years.

Furuviksparken offers a choice of restaurants. We proudly recommend you to visit Furuviks Brygga, where you will mix a culinary experience with a magnificent waterfront view. At Cirkusrestaurangen in the middle of the amusement park, the children will find their favourites. For a more simple menu and lighter courses from the sea visit Fiskeläget.

At Furuviksparken you will sleep well after an event filled day. Stay at Furuviks Camping which is situated on a lake and offers four bed cabins, as well as areas for tents and caravans. Kitchen, showers, laundry rooms and restrooms are available at our nice service buildings. You will also be able to go for a swim in the lake, play miniature golf and use our barbeque area at the camp site, where you also will find a small supermarket.

If you would like to dream about lions and elephants – book one of our popular safari tents. Which are directly imported from Kenya and accommodate up to six persons.

We also offer a unique accommodation in our three sleeping cars which used to operate as part of the famous Orient Express. The cars are on rail, just inside the park entrance. Here you will have a good nights sleep in a mythical setting.

You are warmly welcome to Furuviksparken!

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